mythical towns along the atlantic coast

basque country

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mythical towns along the atlantic coast

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The Basque Country is an amazing region in the Southwest of France, near the Pyrenees mountains and Spain

Green rolling hills, picturesque and colourful villages, mountains, hills and valleys on one side, the Atlantic Ocean on the other, will enchant your eyes and soul.

The Basque Country offers so many beautiful cities and towns to explore and such a wide variety of local specialties such as country ham of Bayonne, the delicious ewe-milk cheeses, seafood and not at least, the body-full Irouleguy wines!

Explore the Atlantic coast with wonderful vistas of waves against the rocky cliffs, the lovely fishing harbour of Saint-Jean-de-Luz, where King Louis XIV married, the Infant of Spain, Marie-Thérèse, in 1660. On your walking tour of the beautiful town center and seashore with attractive sand beaches and elegant mansions. Enjoy some free time and lunch on your own in St. Jean-de-Luz before a visit to Biarritz, a famous sea resort and once a favourite spot of Empress Eugénie and famous artists and movie stars. End the tour in the beautiful town of Bayonne and its wonderful old sections of Basque architecture.

Others possible visit: Guggenheim Museum / Bilbao

  • Landmarks of Biarritz
  • The renowned town of Saint-Jean-de-Luz
  • Village of Bidart

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mythical towns along the atlantic coast

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