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France’s Impressions is a fully licensed, registered and legally authorized incoming travel agency and tour operator.

For more than 35 years it has designed and offered tailor-made tours to an English- speaking travelers, and has welcomed and guided them all over France.

The company is family-run, owned and managed by Sandra and Francis HO THAM KOUIE who have been working together for more than 35 years.

They are fluent in French, English and Dutch.


Sandra has graduated from the University of Toulouse, France, with specialties in history and art history. She is licensed as a French national tourist guide, has traveled extensively in Europe, North Africa, Asia and in the United States to study the history and cultures of various countries. After many years of guiding all over France, she is now specialized in Southwest France and particularly in prehistoric sites of this area!


Francis was trained in urban planning and sociology at the Sorbonne University in Paris. Having lived in both France and the United States, he knows the tastes and mentalities of both countries and what Americans are expecting when they come to France.

Both love to show others the many facets of France, which they have traveled extensively and know thoroughly.

The Company

The company was founded to honor and satisfy a demand that was exclusively American.

Progressively it has enlarged its audience and is now also welcoming visitors from Australia, Asia and quite recently from Europe.

Through their involvement with cultural and educational programs throughout France, they have developed a very special relationship with American and Australian audiences.

They will personally accompany and guide tours upon request and will stay with each travel group 24 hours per day.

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Pour faire face à la crise sanitaire que nous traversons, les visites se dérouleront dans le respect des mesures barrières. Le port du masque est obligatoire durant les visites.